Proposition 16 Campaign Wins Changes on Chinese Translation Litigation

Today, following legal action by Proposition 16 supporters, the Secretary of State agreed to changes to the  Proposition 16 Chinese translation of the ballot label, title, and summary.  The changes improve accuracy and ensure Chinese voters get correct information when they cast a vote this November. The court-approved changes include a new translation for diversity (多元化) and public contracts (公共合同) throughout the ballot materials, and additional revisions for clarity in the ballot title and summary. 

San Francisco Chronicle

How to bring equal opportunity to the San Francisco Bay Area economy

By John William Templeton – When the California Assembly voted last week to approve Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5, which would repeal Proposition 209’s (1996) ban on affirmative action, the lawmakers used their own personal histories to show how race is an enduring factor in their life prospects. They correctly explained that the 14th Amendment’s mandate for equal protection of the law — the goal of the millions of African Americans who voted in 1868 to make the amendment part of the Constitution — has not yet been achieved.

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